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When AZPW Maintenance Services Co., first started tinting windows we realized that sunscreens (or solar screens) were a necessary for buildings in Texas in order to reduce the effects of the sun. However, sunscreens were expensive to clean and didn’t have the life expectancy to justify the initial cost of having them made.

Then we discovered of a better way for 21st-century sun protection: window tinting (aka “window film” or “flat glass solar film”). Houston’s hot humid summers don’t have to make your home and office buildings miserable. Window tinting provides many benefits and comes with a lifetime warranty, in most cases, and lets you choose the look and the darkness of the film.

Years in Operation

advanced technology window films

AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. only uses the highest quality film from Llumar that rejects up to 80% of Solar heat and 99% of ultraviolet light away from your windows and furnishings. 

Stopping the sun’s heat before it penetrates your windows is up to seven times more effective than using interior blinds or curtains. Solar window films are designed and safe for today’s dual pane insulated Low-E Glass. These advanced technology window films reject the heat without sacrificing your beautiful views or blocking out a lot of visible light. As an added bonus, the film prevents windows from shattering and gives extra protection should an accident occur.

Above all, we will act with:

  • Integrity
  • Social Responsibility
  • Respect

AZPW Maintenance Services Co., Inc. is a Suntek window film dealer, and we highly recommend it to our clients.

  • Increase comfort by moderating temperatures
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Protect fabrics and furnishings
  • Reduce glare
  • Block 99% UV rays

Suntek films are manufactured using a state-of-the-art sputtering process that applies metal alloys to a base film. Layers are assembled and finished with a strong scratch-resistant coating.

Suntek films are available in reflective and non-reflective finishes and can be clear, colored, or patterned to blend with various design schemes. Depending on the film selected, Suntek can cut from 12 to 93 percent of incoming light, eliminate 99% of the harmful ultraviolet radiation to protect fabrics and finishes, block 92% of glare and cut up to 76% of solar heat gain through the glass.

With our Lifetime Warranty, your windows will look great and save you money year after year!

Why Tint Your Windows?

The trend towards more open floor plans and areas that bring the outdoors inside is unmistakable. Today’s homes and commercial buildings use more glass than ever before. As attractive as this is, it leads to a host of problems ranging from excessive glare, heat build-up, and high energy costs to the premature fading of carpets, furniture, and draperies.

Window film is a laminate of high-performance metalized polyester film that provides significant solar insulation when applied to glass surfaces.

Increase Comfort by Reducing Heat and Glare

Working in an office or relaxing at home in direct sunlight can result in fatigue, eyestrain, and loss of concentration. Llumar is a retrofit product installed directly on the interior side of the glass. It helps correct temperature imbalances between sunny and shady areas and it deflects harsh uncomfortable glare. Employees are more comfortable and more productive.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

Winter heat loss through windows can cause discomfort to building occupants and unnecessarily high energy bills. Low emissivity insulating film applied to the inside face of ordinary single-glazed windows decreases heat loss by up to 30%. In summer LLumar films reduce the cost of cooling a building by rejecting up to 79% of the sun’s heat.

Add Visual Appeal

Glass treatment films can add new styles to buildings for a fraction of the cost of other refurbishments without the inconvenience of relocating tenants. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, tinted, semi-reflective, or fully-reflective film enhances any architectural design. From the inside, Llumar has a pleasant, glare, and distortion-free view, and from the outside, it has a uniform appearance that complements the building’s design.

Enhance Privacy

Translucent or daylight reflection films applied to the inside of your windows will let in light but guard against prying eyes. Blackout (opaque) films are also available as well as a range of frosted decorative films can provide an attractive finish to internal partitions.

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